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    i take decadron and emend before my cisplatin/taxol cocktail (chemo). afterwards i take emend, zofran and compazine. my doc said the decadron is needed to prevent allergic reaction to the chemo. emend and zofran are great for nausea. sometimes i have to take the compazine too. when i'm on all�...
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    ... of an adequate trial ofweek ofoffollowing:doxylamine, orpyridoxine (vitor metoclopramide, or promethazine, or ondansetron. according tomanufacturers,antiemetics akynzeo, anzemet, cesamet, diclegis, emend, granisetron, ondansetron, ondansetron odt, sancuso pad, zofran, zofran,.
    sep , ... i used the compazine mg if i just didn't feel like eatting to ward off any low lying nausea. i also had zofran which lasts hours but many insurnaces won't pay for. marinol is a controlled substance so doctors aren't into ordering it and it also is more for increasing your apetite. there are so many things for�...
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